London Harley Street Practice is currently offering COVID-19 Testing. Due to the pandemic, we are now seeing patients online and over the phone. Book your appointment here or call 0207 127 656. Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms and testing here.

Same Day Appointment

If you need to be seen today by an expert doctor, call us or book online. Your good health is our aim.

General Practitioner Services

For most people, general practitioners (GPs) are the first point of contact for their health issues. GP Appointments on the same day or the next day.

Visa Medicals

Our doctors are registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We offer very competitive rates and at flexible times. We also have an Express service.

Our same day private GP clinic is open for the public.

Based in the heart of London our same day private GP clinic is open for the public. Our experienced GPs offer an excellent personal service. The choice is yours to choose to see us only once or to return again and again to address those more complicated health issues.

We are able to do the necessary tests immediately. Whether it be blood tests, urine tests or swabs our Doctors are capable to carry these out immediately. Our excellent location and established professional networks allows us to immediately refer you for further investigations or for a specialist consultation.

Seeing us does not interfere with the relationship you have with either your NHS GP or other private GPs. We can provide sick certificates, medical reports and prescriptions as necessary.

What our customers say

We provide a full range of medical services for all ages.