Covid-19 Testing


New Approved Covid-19 Antibody Tests

Please follow the NHS guidelines regarding this new corona virus Covid-19. We are now able to offer the PHE, FDA and Europe wide approved antibody blood test.

The Abbott produced test is now available to check the antibody status of those unsure whether they have contracted Covid-19 disease.

The antibody test detects the immune response to the Covid-19 infection by detecting the IgG antibody. This is generated in the recovery or later stages of the infection.

Accuracy (What does it all mean)

The sensitivity of the test is 97.5% and its specificity 100%. This is better than any other antibody tests preceding it.

The sensitivity of a test is also known as the true positive rate. Thus, it is defined as the proportion of people with the disease who will have a positive result. If a test is 100% sensitive, it will identify all those people who have the disease.

Specificity measures a test’s ability to correctly give a negative result for those who do not have the condition being tested for. It is also known as the true negative rate. A test with high specificity will correctly rule out almost everyone who doesn’t have the disease.

No test, however, is totally perfect. It is still possible to get false reading though with these tests now approved and showing excellent results is why this test will be extensively used across the UK and Europe.

To be sure that you still do not have the infection we would also recommend having the swab test carried out as it is possible to have the infection either before the IgG antibodies are present or for the IgG antibodies to be present but still be in later stages of the infective window.

If you have any questions about this or any of our testing capabilities, please get in touch with us directly or via the website chat.

We will soon be open for in-clinic testing, this must be made via prior appointment. This can be booked via the appointments tab. We cannot accept walk-ins. Please note that under 16’s cannot be tested.

Swab Testing

This test involves detecting the presence of the actual virus RNA. This is the genetic material present in each virus. You will be provided with a home testing kit to take a throat and nasal swab to be sent to the lab either via postage or by a courier.

If you are found to be swab positive this means that the virus is still present and most likely you are still infectious.

False negatives are still possible if the swab was not correctly taken. The analytical sensitivity for the COVID19 Kit is still being worked out as this varies on the swab technique but ranges from 80-90%. This test also has a 100% specificity.

New 24 – 36 hour PCR Swab Results

We are now able to do the Covid-19 swab with results for between 24 – 36 hours. The new swab is CE marked and verified against the PHE approved Eurosurveillance method. It is very specific at 100% as it detects two different gene targets of SARS-CoV-2 virus. The laboratory evaluation of the swab showed 100% sensitivity, however this once again depends on the correct method of taking the swab which can affect that of any swab or test.  Please see prices below.



(Includes a consultation and certificate)

Covid-19 Antibody Testing
Covid-19 Antibody Testing done at London Harley Street Clinic, 96 Harley Street: £95.

Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing (Results 2-3 days)
Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing done at home (sent via post): £148.
Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing: £140
Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing Courier, one way: £175
Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing Courier, two way: £215

24-36 hour results Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing (Results in 24-36 hours)

Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing: £240

Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing done Courier, one way: £275

Covid-19 PCR Swab Testing done Courier, two way: £310

Combined Covid-19 Antibody Testing and Swab

Combined Covid-19 Antibody Testing and Swab done at London Harley Street Clinic, 96 Harley Street: £225*

*please call to confirm as special procedures in place –  0207 127 6563.


Courier prices are for London only. For outside London, the cost depends on the distance from the clinic.

Call us for a quote  0207 127 6563 .

All testing includes a pre-testing video consultation with a doctor, results and certification, and if found COVID PCR positive a free post result consultation. Secure your Covid-19 testing appointment at the clinic online or call the practice  0207 127 6563 or Ask the Doctor a question in the form below for more information.

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